Sudhanshu Malhotra (President)(

CEO Webcom Technologies and Webcom E-trade


Vandana Sinha (Secratory)

Vandana Sinha is an eminent advocate of Supreme Court of India and a Diversity professional and a social worker . An Art Graduate with a post Graduate Degree in Criminology . A large part of Career has been as a Legal professional.

Over the last few years, she has been consulting exclusively in the Diversity and Inclusion, thus building a specialization in designing and delivering sensitization workshop and other intervention which deal with Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (P.O.S.H) diversity and Inclusion, Gender Competence. Her work in the area of D&I spans across a variety of organization and

categories of employees. A trained and experienced investigator in report relating to ethics and sexual harassment at workplace, Vandana is also equipped to provide guideline on matter relating to the formation and functioning of the Internal Complaint Committee. She has conducted over hundreds of training. He has trained more than a thousand participants from , multi-national companies, local corporations, companies and SMEs.

As a Child and family social workers she has protect vulnerable children and help families in need of assistance. They help parents find services, such as child care, or apply for benefits, such as food stamps. They intervene when children are in danger of neglect or abuse. Some help arrange adoptions, locate foster families, or work to get families back together. Clinical social workers provide mental health care to help children and families cope with changes in their lives, such as divorce or other family problems.


Kumari Kalpana (Tresurar)

Kalpana is gold medallist in the field of child psychology . She is educator and social worker. She teaches and educate the children not only as a profession but she also educates children who belong to the under privileged family and help them to grow in the society by her expertise in child psychology.