Mera Bachpan

Mera Bachpan

It is pertinent to realise that 34 out of 1,000 children expected to be born in the country die in the mother’s womb itself. Nine lakh children below the age of five die long before they can comprehend the meaning of independent India and approximately 19 crores people in the country are compelled to sleep on an empty stomach.

As the pandemic takes hold across the globe, the children who rely on the streets for food and shelter, risk being further stigmatised and criminalised when cities lock down. The coronavirus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world. National lockdowns and social distancing measures are drying up work and incomes, and are likely to disrupt agricultural production and supply routes; leaving millions to worry how they will get enough to eat.

With the support of all my Indian and International volunteers we are continuously feeding the needy and distributing food items to avoid starvation.

Now there is partial exit from the lockdown, some daily wagers are getting back to their work however a few are still struggling but the story of the crisis will not end here.

There are millions of children from the most vulnerable communities who will be more affected with this corona virus outbreak. The poor parents will run to their work for their livelihood and the children will remain at home without any assistance and proper food.



What do you think of when you say ‘My Childhood’?

Fun? School? Playing? Favourite treat? We aim to give the children of the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society the chance to do the same. We want avoid those children describing hunger, loneliness, starvation and fear when they are asked in the future to describe ‘mera bachpan’.


  1. Provision of nutritional meals to under-privileged children below 10 years of age.
  2. Provision of milk, bananas & cookies to kids from marginalised communities.
  3. Day care centre for under-privileged disabled children (Continuation of SCOPE project).
  4. Educational centre and day care for children most affected by the lockdown (3.5 – 10 years old preparing children to join Public or Private Schools).
  5. Parents counselling on children education , immunisation benefits & family planning.

Project Team



Under this project we talk about those numerous children who never got a childhood to enjoy. Under this project we are providing shelter and proper nutritious food to the children with the age group of 3.5 to 7 years from underprivileged family and equip with the necessary tool of education, so they can go ahead and join proper school. We believe the biggest weapon against poverty and child labour is education.

We are focusing on hunger alleviation and ensure no starvation. We are providing nutritious food ( miik, khichri, daal rice , dalia, fruits etc.) for children of the age group 6 months to 3.5 years those who cannot come to the shelter home but we ensure that they get nutritious food regularly. India is a home to the largest undernourished population in the world.

194.4 million people i.e. 14.5% of our population is undernourished
20.8% of children under 5 are underweight
37.9% of children under 5 years of age are stunted.

Our aim to create a world worth living in for a Child


Immunisation saves 2 to 3 million lives each year. By protecting children against serious diseases, vaccines play a central role in ending preventable child deaths. We are focusing that every child take a proper immunisation on time.

But nothing is possible without your support . Donate to save the life of children and give them a better life what they deserve.

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