Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Want to change the world? Start with just one life. Webcom Foundation connects with Indian and International donors for Indian children in difficult situations. Stepping up as a sponsor could be your chance to make a heartfelt and genuine difference in the world. Choosing to sponsor a child’s food, schooling, and general well-being, especially a child you have never met, can seem like a daunting prospect. Whether the cost seems too high, you are uncertain if you will be making a difference, or you are just skeptical of the whole concept. Before vetoing the idea, consider the many reasons why child sponsorship is of vital importance in developing communities.

1. Sponsoring a child is an effective way to contribute towards improving the wellbeing of individuals and developing the communities, without leaving the comfort of your home!

If you feel the strong desire to make a difference in the world, but lack the time or means to travel and volunteer, then child sponsorship is the ideal solution. You can make a big difference in developing communities and help bright children by allowing them to study. You will also be learning more about a distant culture and people as you follow your sponsored child’s journey.

2.You will be helping not only the child you are sponsoring but also their family.

Child sponsorship is not an isolated project, focused on individuals, but an integral part of multi-faceted work aiming to achieve better welfare services in the community. Webcom Foundation's sponsorship program prides itself on being able to provide many benefits not only for sponsored children but for their families. For example, families of children in the sponsorship program receive a monthly grocery subsidy. That will touch more lives than you might realize.

3. Sponsored children have a better chance of completing their education.

Many children do not have access to school, as their parents cannot afford school fees, or they are required to work to supplement the family’s income. Sponsored children have a chance to complete their schooling. Ensuring that these children receive a good education is a sustainable and long-term approach to building a better future. Better education means more opportunities, a new generation of leaders, and a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty By sponsoring one child and helping provide education, you are helping communities to develop.

4. When you sponsor a child, you can put a face and a name to the fight against poverty.

Rather than simply donating a sum to an organization, you have an opportunity to be personally connected with the cause. There are millions of people suffering in poverty. The figures are so vast they are scarcely comprehensible. Being connected to one child makes it a reality. You will see that these are REAL people living REAL lives. Sponsors will be given regular updates on their sponsored child's progress and accomplishments. They will also be able to receive correspondence from the children themselves.

5. You will be able to see exactly where your money is going.

Sponsoring a child is an altogether different form of philanthropy than just transferring money for a general cause. Making any donation from afar can seem risky, as often you have no assurance of how the money you donate to a charity are distributed. Sponsoring a child has transparency. By creating a connection with the child you sponsor, and following their progress through updates provided by the Webcom Foundation team, you will be able to see the real and tangible differences that your money is making.

6. It is an affordable way to make a substantial difference.

Sponsoring a child is perhaps the best way to see that small sums of money have huge impacts. For just Rs 4000/- or 55 USD in a month you can change a child’s life. For less than Rs 135/ or less than 2 USD a day, you will be able to provide access to food, education, social support, and medical care to children from disadvantaged families. Making just a few small sacrifices in your own life can make a world of difference in someone else’s.